The Library of John Ruskin, by James S. Dearden

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The most recent Oxford Bibliographical Society publication is The Library of John Ruskin by James S. Dearden

James S. Dearden's Library of John Ruskin provides a comprehensive catalogue of almost three thousand books and manuscripts known to have been owned by Ruskin or to have passed through his hands. Based on more than sixty years of collecting and research, it draws on the author's unrivalled knowledge of Ruskin's writings and collections, as well as on extensive study of book-trade and library records. A substantial introduction describes Ruskin's habits as reader and collector, the changing form of his library over time and its eventual dispersal, surviving catalogues of Ruskin's books, and his bookplates.

The Library of John Ruskin is illustrated with thirty-nine half-tones. It will be an indispensable volume for readers interested in Ruskin and his writings, in patterns of nineteenth-century collecting, and in the history of private libraries and of the book trade.

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