Detail from the Oxford Almanac of 1734.


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The Society's publications are available from Blackwell's Rare Books in Oxford. Members in good standing at the time of publication receive copies free, and may buy further copies at the special members' prices given in parentheses.

Orders for the Society's publications should be addressed to: 

Blackwell's Rare Books
48-51 Broad Street
Oxford OX1 3BQ

Publications: Special Series: Manuscript Catalogues

MS1     Peter Kidd, A descriptive catalogue of the Medieval manuscripts of the Queen's College, Oxford (2016) £90 (£50)       

Ralph Hanna and David Rundle, A descriptive catalogue of the western manuscripts, to c. 1600,
in Christ Church, Oxford

£100 (£55)
MS3 Richard Gameson, The medieval manuscripts of Trinity College, Oxford: a descriptive catalogue (2018) £100 (£55)

Publications: Third Series (in reverse order)

TS10 The letters of Jacob Tonson, edited by Stephen Bernard (2019) £45 (£26)
TS9 William Poole, John Fell's New Year books, 1666–1686 (2018) £40 (£24)
TS8 Claire Bolton, The fifteenth century printing practices of Johann Zainer, Ulm, 1473–1478 (2016). Published in collaboration with the Printing Historical Society. out of print
TS7 James S. Dearden The library of John Ruskin (2012) £60 (£36)
TS6 T. F. Earle Portuguese writers and English readers: books by Portuguese writers printed before 1640 in the libraries of Oxford and Cambridge (2009) view title-page, contents and sample (PDF). This work has also been published in Portuguese (2014), and is available here. £60 (£36)
TS5 N. Kiessling. The library of Anthony Wood (2002, for 2001). (See also Resources.) £50 (£33)
TS3 D. Pearson. Oxford bookbinding 1500-1640, including a supplement to Neil Ker's Fragments of medieval manuscripts used as pastedowns in Oxford bindings (2000) £60 (£40)
TS2 J.M. Sheppard. The Buildwas books: book production, acquisition and use at an English Cistercian monastery, 1165-c.1400(1997) £36 (£24)
TS1 D. G. Selwyn, The library of Thomas Cranmer (1996) £37.50 (£28)

Publications: New Series

NS15 D. F. McKenzie & J. C. Ross (eds). A ledger of Charles Ackers, printer of The London Magazine (1968) £10 (£6.75)
D. F. McKenzie (ed.). Stationers' Company apprentices, 1641-1700 (1974)
Professor McKenzie's volume covering 1605-1640 (Charlottesville, 1961) may also be had from the Society at the same price. The three-volume set consisting of this, NS17 and NS19 is available at £25 (£20)
£10 (£6.75)
NS19 D. F. McKenzie (ed.). Stationers' Company apprentices, 1701-1800 (1978) £17.50 (£12.50)
NS20 Nicolas Contat dit Le Brun. Anecdotes typographiques, ed. G. Barber (1980) £20 (£15)
NS21 Gwen Hampshire (ed). The Bodleian Library account book, 1613-1646 (1983) £25 (£17.50)
NS22 N. K. Kiessling. The library of Robert Burton (1988) £25 (£17.50)
NS23 D. W. Nichol (ed.). Pope's literary legacy: the book-trade correspondence of William Warburton and John Knapton (1992) £25 (£17.50)

Occasional Publications

OP3 E. J. Devereux. A checklist of English translations of Erasmus to 1700 (1968) £4.50
OP4 A. B. Emden. Donors of books to S. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury (1968) £4.50
G. G. Barber. French letterpress printing: a list of French printing manuals and other texts in French bearing on the technique of letterpress printing, 1567-1900 (1969) £4.50
OP6 E. A. Read. A checklist of books, catalogues and periodical articles relating to the cathedral libraries of England (1970) £4.50
Hodson's Booksellers, Publishers and Stationers Directory 1855: a facsimile of the copy in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, with an introduction by Graham Pollard (1972) £4.50
OP8 K. I. D. Maslen. The Bowyer ornament stock (1973) £4.50
OP9 J. R. Tye. Periodicals of the Nineties (1974) £4.50
OP11 J. McLaverty. Pope's printer, John Wright: a preliminary study (1976) £4.50
OP12 R. Ford. Dramatisations of Scott's novels: a catalogue (1979) £7.50
OP15 H. Forster. Supplements to Dodsley's Collection of Poems (1980) £7.50
OP17 J. D. Fleeman. A preliminary handlist of copies of books associated with Dr Samuel Johnson (1984) £7.50
OP19 D. Pearson, Durham bookbinders and booksellers 1660–1760 (1986) £7.50
OP20 The 'missing' Term Catalogue: a facsimile of the Term Catalogue for Michaelmas Term 1695, with a list of identified books (1987) £7.50
OP21 J. C. Ross. Charles Ackers' Ornament Usage (1990) £7.50
OP22 P. S. Morrish. Bibliotheca Higgsiana: a catalogue of the books of Dr Griffin Higgs (1589-1659) (1990) £7.50
OP23 J. P. Feather. An index to selected bibliographical journals, 1971-1985 (1991) £7.50
OP25 J. Bowman, Greek printing types in Britain and in the nineteenth century (1992) £7.50