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Detail of the Sheldonian Theatre from David Loggan (1635-1700), Oxonia illustrata (1675).


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Stan Nelson
27 April 2015 - 5:15pm
Story Museum (Bodleian Hand-Printing Workshop), Pembroke Street

The Oxford Bibliographical Society was founded in 1922 to encourage bibliographical research. Membership of the Society is available, on application, to all those interested in manuscripts, printed books and the arts and trades connected with them. Members may attend all the meetings, visits as appropriate, and receive the publications for the years of their membership free.

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Latest News

Stan Nelson on the type-founder's hand-mould

The type-mould is arguably the single most important invention in the history of European printing. Stan Nelson (formerly of the Smithsonian) will describe the historical mould and his work to reconstruct examples, and demonstrate how types were cast between the fifteenth and the nineteenth centuries. This event is being held at the Story Museum (in the Bodleian Hand-Printing Workshop) on Monday 27 April at 5:15 p.m.

A new series of grants from the OBS

The Oxford Bibliographical Society has recently announced a new programme of grants to support research, conferences and publications. For further details please click here.

The Library of John Ruskin, by James S. Dearden

The most recent Oxford Bibliographical Society publication is The Library of John Ruskin by James S. Dearden